Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources policy is based on an understanding based on mutual trust and ethical values. Under the leadership of our dynamic and strong management team, we aim to develop the spirit of corporate entrepreneurship with our employees. We aim to be a reputable global company known for the achievements we have achieved in the business areas we focus on. As Özmen Group, we are aware that sustainable success is people-oriented, and we support the professional and personal training of all our employees in order to increase their success and productivity in their career plans and duties.

All units and managers throughout the company work in coordination to support the arrangements that the HR department deems necessary for the successful growth of the company. The employment of highly talented and highly motivated employees and the strong communication network established with the employees constitute one of the basic management principles of the company.

As Özmen Group, our aim is to recruit the most suitable and high-profile candidates in line with our company values and the requirements of the positions, to train them and to support them in developing the knowledge and skills we need.