Company Policy

Thanks to our advanced technical infrastructure, we look to the future with confidence, taking our strength from our deep-rooted structure. With its ever-evolving structure since the day it was founded, System İnşaat company, within the body of Özmen Group, has become the leader in the construction sector since 1994 and has been the key solution point of the construction sector since its first project, offering the best solutions that meet the rapidly changing expectations of the world. Our basic principle that defines Özmen Group is in the light of continuous development; customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of quality and environmental standards have become our basic principles. The vital functions demanded by the construction industry, which form the basis of development, require aiming to produce the best solution and reaching the top by starting from simple details. With its determination to provide services to different institutions and individuals at international standards on the way to the top, Özmen Group has determined long-term customer satisfaction as the key to success. Every institution and person we serve with our principle of high level of customer satisfaction continues with us as an indicator of our success.

With the importance it attaches to creativity and sensitivity in each project, its innovative approach unique to each project, its dynamic team spirit, cooperation, its determination to protect the environment we will leave to future generations, and its approach that does not compromise on quality, Özmen Group gives the same care to all projects that it transforms from a dream into a reality. Thanks to its unique expertise and vast experience, Özmen Group Company will make greater contributions to the construction industry both in Turkey and abroad. We believe that being together with our friends makes us stronger. As Özmen Group, our vision is to realize pioneering projects in all regions where we operate and to follow a different and innovative attitude wherever we operate. As Özmen Group, our mission is to carry out activities and projects that will represent our country and our company in the local and international arena in all the operations in which we take a leading position. Our aim is to achieve innovative approaches that start from the traditional. In this way, every work done and every step taken forward brings us closer to our goals. Rational solutions brought from an indispensable point of view are the most important elements and the right route to perfection. Quality should be more than just a fact, it should be life itself. With this point of view, every job we do has world-class quality. At Özmen Group, where quality is accepted as an approach from the highest level to the lowest level; Activities are carried out according to general criteria, taking into account the society, environment, sector and operations. Each of us is doing our best to raise the bar for quality.